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whelp hopefully this dries up this break out i mean my face tingles so that must mean something 

Face mask plus sims pretty good night

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Senior field day was fun messy but fun I was covered in Ice cream since they ran out of spoons so I used a cone and covered in mud so that was glorious and then chilling with leighann later on and getting dinner with my mom and sis and I got to wear my new pendent that I got from feathers and twigs for a dollar over all a pretty good day

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now that ive gotten all the snazzy social media apps these are getting harder but ohh well at least there will never be a shortage of my face 

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dont’cha wanna fanta fanta .good news i only have to make a 35 on the stat final and then im home free

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So i finally joined the iphone group but yea im basically an apple fanboy now mac ipod classic and and now iPhone but im nt complaining let just hope i dont need windows alot in the future 

also i now have a snap chat insta gram and vine all with the user name aaronxwilford so check them out 

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i may have laptop burns and sharp pain in my tips but McComick doesnt know what he’s got himself into allowing cady patience and i be ina group together because im crying because of this movie may you laugh out of humor or fear either some sort of night terror will occur P.S. i have never been more proud of a project besides my poems and what not but yea if its base don views we got this in the bag